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Brian Sachetta is an author, blogger, and software developer from Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from Boston College in 2012 with a degree in management and computer science.

After college, Brian put his computer science background to use as both a consultant and a writer. His first book, “Get Out of Your Head,” draws parallels between computer systems and the human mind and gives readers practical strategies for overcoming anxiety.

Much of Brian’s writing is focused on health, wellness, and personal development. He is passionate about using his skills to positively influence the lives of others.

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You may notice we look a little different than other mental health brands. We know we turn some heads. That’s intentional.

Our brand’s story is defined by Brian Sachetta’s approach to the subject. After reading countless books, listening to days worth of podcasts, and surfing the web for honest blog posts, Brian found much of the same “sunshine and rainbows” mental health story, copy and pasted. Nothing was down-to-earth or straightforward, and, most importantly, very little seemed to help all that much.

Brian wanted to change all that. That’s why he started Get Out of Your Head™.

Here, we believe the first step in dealing with any mental illness is to get to the root of it. This is a painful process, however. That’s why our brand looks the way it does. Our ruggedness represents the difficulty of such a task.

More importantly, however, that ruggedness also conveys strength. Strength to overcome and return to healthy living. That’s what our brand stands for, and that’s what we wish for you on your journey with us. Thanks for being here.

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Get Out Of Your Head™ offers coaching services to individuals and organizations interested in learning how to better deal with anxiety and depression.

Interested in learning more? Click the button below or email Brian at: